A Poem of Light

Sunrise’s path began as a river of light, carrying floating light, shrouded in mist, taking imagination with: colors of silver; then turning to clean, quiet blues; onward to golden glory; ever rolling up, up - regal, quiet, wonder journey.

Until in trumpet blast seen - Brilliance takes her throne. Every eye squints and all subjects are warmed by her reign.

Good morning Sun.

Mist led us to the day’s majesty: the morning sky layered in dawn; first one glory, then next, now another.

Which reminds me of a night when the moonlight sparked & popped & flashed fireworks of silent explosions into our eyes and hearts.

Yea, this light of day, and light of night - both stopping our world with glory upon glory.

Shimmer and sparkle, mist and wonder, carrying us dreamlike into realms only stories have told, charging our hearts with light’s song and dance for all life holds.