I found myself feeling creatively challenged this last quarter. Let’s just say inspiration didn’t come knocking, it was hard to pick up the camera. The biggest hinderance to creativity? Busyness.

While I feel like I had plenty of adventures to capture, it was hard to get out of a reactive state. These early days of parenting are a grind. We welcomed our second son into the family on June 8th. When it came time to review the images I’ve snapped over the last few months, I felt bad that so many were around the house. But to be candid, that’s where most of life takes place these days. We’ve hunkered down as a family and spent a lot of time together at home. Kicking a soccer ball, spinning vinyl, playing cars, cleaning the kitchen for the 100th time, putting kids down for naps, folding laundry. Life at the Smith house feels pretty mundane. We’re learning how to savor these moments though they mostly feel chaotic and messy.